I stand with APC’s position – Ambode’s deputy

Lagos State Deputy Governor Idiat Adebule yesterday declared that she was standing by the decision of the party on the candidature of Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu as the standard bearer for 2019 governorship election.


Dr. Adebule told reporters at Ward A and D in Ojo Local Council Development Area where she participated in the primary that “the party has chosen a man and it is that man that I will support and follow.”

She added: ‘’ I have no doubt that anybody that emerge today as the candidate of the party will have my support, I have no doubt as exhibited by my people today that they are standing with the party’s position on this primary and with that position I stand,” Adebule said.

The deputy governor commended party members and the electoral body for making the exercise free, fair and violence-free.

She assured that she would stand by the outcome of the primary and follow the dictate of the party, adding that the supremacy of the party is very important in any political decision.

‘’I stand and I choose to stay with my party at this time, my party has spoken and I have no doubt to state that on the position of the party I stand, It is a very clear election as you can see, people are voting in line with the dictates of the party. We have voted for the person who the leaders of the party have chosen. It is an overwhelming experience as you can see it and we will continue to support the party and abide by its rules,” she said.



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