How religious leaders, politicians stop Buhari from fighting corruption – Osinbajo

The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has revealed how religious leaders usually stop him or president Buhari from sacking corrupt public officials.

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He said this at the 24th Nigerian Economic Summit plenary on corruption and rule of law, in Abuja today.

Osinbajo stated that most times, Nigerian elites stand in the way of getting rid of a corrupt official.

He said, “I would like to refer to the Nigerian elite, and it’s probably not fair to be that broad, but practically, every segment, because people who have access to you, they could be political leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, whoever has access to you.

“We have a system where people just feel like, ‘why don’t you just give this guy a break?’ Which again is part of the problem. You don’t get one call, you get several calls.”

He stated that President Muhammadu Buhari government was doing so much to tackle corruption and systemic corruption.

Osinbajo stressed that since assuming power, he has seen how much impact corruption can have on a country, adding that its more than he ever imagined.


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  1. Only in this part of world, with gross underdevelopment, that religious leaders, politicians or any other groups have such negative and non people oriented influence on the implementation of government policies
    For goodness sake, what business has religious leaders with the running of government
    This goes to show that such government in itself is not serious
    Jesus never hobnobbed with politicians, rather he condemned their numerous vices right to their faces
    You cannot serve God and serve mammon
    Politics, especially in the developing world, is saturated with all sorts of dirty minded crooks who are only after their own pockets

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