Saraki must resign as Senate President – Oshiomhole

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adams Oshiomhole has said Senate President Bukola’s Saraki’s continued stay in office is unacceptable to the party.

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The APC national chairman also said it would be strange if the ruling party is experiencing “graveyard peace,” against the backdrop of recent events in APC.

Oshiomhole said these when he appeared on Arise Television, yesterday and added that the APC is prone to controversies because it is a large party.

Last week, the party chairman was detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) and grilled for nine hours after some governors alleged that he received bribes during the party’s primary elections across the country.

In his reaction, Oshiomhole said although the aggrieved members were allowed to grumble but the party has moved on and has put in place internal procedures for reconciliation.

“We have finished our primaries and we have submitted names to INEC and there are internal procedures for reconciliation and we are working on them.

“We are a large governing party and it will only be strange if we are having graveyard peace. People are allowed to grumble and grumbling is allowed. We should move on and find solutions.”

Asked whether the party still has plans to remove Saraki, he replied: “I think it’s about morality.

“We just had an election in the US. The democrats won more members in the congress. Without much ado, the leadership of the House changed. This question didn’t have to arise. Saraki belongs to a minority party; as it stands, today, in the senate.

“The truth about democracy is that it’s a game of numbers. It’s unacceptable that minority provides leadership over majority.”



  1. Mr. Chairman, Saraki belongs to the minority party at the Federal Level but in the Senate as it stands today, APC does not have the number to impeach him and until they do, Saraki cannot be impeached. Moreover, asking him to resign makes no sense because if you were in that position, you won’t resign. There is no place in the Constitution that stipulates that a member of a minority party cannot be the Senate President. Where were you in 2014, when Tambuwal left the ruling party to join APC (which was the minority then) and still remained the Speaker. Why didn’t you ask him to resign then? Whatever you sow, you shall reap. APC is reaping what they sowed in 2014.Please, forget about Saraki and do your work as APC Chairman. That is my candid advice.

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