Court frees Small Doctor with stern warning

The Ebute Metta Magistrate Court has freed Small doctor, with a stern warning of avoiding violence in the next 12 months.

Breaking: Court frees Small Doctor with a stern warning to avoid violence within the next 12-months

The Court free Small Doctor who was arraigned alongside two occupants of his car, just after he was arrested for unlawful possession of firearm and threatening a police officer at Oshodi area of Lagos State.

A police source who pleaded anonymity said;

‘Small Doctor was released by the court and allowed to go on condition he must not engage in any act of violence or commit any offense within the next one year. If he does, the court would not spare him’.


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  1. Free him for what ?
    For possessing firearms and threatening a police officer, bad enough
    What moral lesson have the youths to learn from such unjustified immunity
    In that case, why should anybody be jailed for committing the same offence
    Quite disgraceful
    This sort of judgement can only encourage some lawless folks to feel they are above the law

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