I know I’ll still walk again — Yinka Ayefele

Popular musician, Yinka Ayefele, in an insightful interview with Newsmen, shared his experience in the music industry and spoke on life without the use of his legs, expressing hope that he will walk again.

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As a gospel artiste, who is God to you?

God is everything to me. Who am I without God; a serial-sinner who has only received favour!

As a Christian involved in a ghastly accident that claimed your legs, did you ever feel like God failed you despite your trust in Him?

I never blamed God for the accident. What if I had died? What if I was paralysed from head to toe? The Bible tells us to be grateful in all circumstances. I will forever be grateful to Him. What if I had found myself in a situation where I couldn’t use my talent? Do you know how many people have died this year alone? Do you know how many healthy people that just slept and never woke up? I give thanks to God in all ramifications.

What do you remember about the accident?

The only lingering memory I have is that the accident was like a compass that gave my life direction.

Did you go through a phase of denial when you realised you wouldn’t be able to walk again?

At a point, yes! But I’m an incurable optimist. I’m of the firm belief that nothing is impossible. I know I will still walk again. I believe that with God, all things are possible.

Did you ever imagine that your current standing and recognition in the world is where you’d be today, and are you happy with where you are in life now?

My life is work in progress. Just like I usually tell my staff, I’m also working for Ayefele. I believe that the purpose of God in my life has yet to fully manifest. When we started Fresh FM in 2015, I didn’t know we would spread our tentacles to Abeokuta (Ogun State) and Ado Ekiti (Ekiti State) as fast as we did. Yet, the ministry of the radio is still spreading. My life should serve as a lesson to other people. I didn’t relent; the desire to live and not become a liability to society was uppermost in my heart. However, it is not by my doing but just a special grace from God Almighty. I always tell people that if it was by diabolical means (juju), the herbalist would have come out to expose me by now. I’m God’s special candidate.

Why haven’t you chosen to do music collaborations with foreign artistes?

I’m not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with foreign musicians. Though I have not given it a thought, it is possible. Maybe I will think along that line now.

What do you miss about your days as a journalist?

The only thing I miss now is that I don’t go to the field for investigations but I’m still fully into the profession. I have four programmes on radio weekly – two each on both Fresh 105.9 FM, Ibadan, and Fresh 107.9 FM, Abeokuta.

Tell us about establishing your radio and music house.

I started Fresh FM as an online radio about 12 years ago and it took me more than seven years to get the licence for terrestrial activities. Within three years of operation, the station snowballed into a mega station giving birth to additional ones in Abeokuta and Ado Ekiti. It is not our making but through the special grace of God and our dedicated staff. We have simply reinvented radio and given it a new meaning.


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