(Video) See how the crowd humiliated Saraki in Kwara

Olu Onemola, the Special Assistant on New Media to the Senate President has reacted to a viral video where residents of a Kwara community were calling Bukola Saraki thief on Saturday.

Aide reacts as crowd calls Bukola Saraki thief in Kwara lailasnews 3

Olu Onemola, said the incident was sponsored by the All Progressives Congress (APC), According to report.

He stated that the plan of the APC was already known and that to avoid any violence, PDP members remained calm and unprovoked.

Onemola tweeted:

“APC Supporters are pushing this ‘choreographed’ video of a few APC thugs and children who were mobilised to the entrance of the PDP Campaign Rally in Okuta, where over 2000 people showed up. These are the facts.

“About 50 meters to the venue of the rally, the mobilised APC elements, who were about 60 began chanting obscenities. The PDP supporters were in their thousands.

“To avoid any violence, based on instructions from the campaign, the PDP supporters in the area ignored the few APC supporters and went straight to the Emir’s palace.

“At the Emir’s palace, the huge and enthusiastic crowd began rooting and chanting for Bukola Saraki. The Emir of Okuta himself spoke glowingly of the Senate President and apologised on behalf of the mobilised miscreants.

“The Emir explained that the APC supporters had been fed with drugs to prompt their misbehaviour.

“The Senate President then proceeded to the rally, where he addressed a huge and enthusiastic crowd of supporters.”



  1. This is just the beginning of more humiliation and disgrace coming his way
    Betrayers will never have genuine and lasting honour

  2. Olu Onemola, with all the “good” upbringing by your parents are you honestly telling Nigerians that the Emir of Okuta told you that his subjects were fed with drugs? Politicians should know that it is not everything that you have to lie about,if you Olu counted all those I am looking at in the video to be only 60, I can imagine the number of people at your “rally” which you said were over 2,000.

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