PDP has perfected plans to snatch ballot boxes – Garba Shehu

Garba Shehu, presidential spokesman, has defended President Muhammadu Buhari over the death threat he issued to ballot box snatchers.

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At the national caucus meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja on Tuesday, Buhari ordered security agencies to deal ruthlessly with election riggers.

He told those plotting to hijack electoral materials that it could be their last attempt to do so.

The president’s comment had generated different reactions, with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) saying the president had given security agencies the licence to kill Nigerians.

But speaking with state house correspondents on Tuesday, Shehu said Buhari’s comment should be seen as a strong message against the long history of “savagery” associated with elections in the country.

“No one has anything to fear from the president’s comments if their conscience and intentions are clear,” Shehu said.

“Snatching ballot boxes often entails putting the lives of innocent Nigerians at risk. About 10 years ago, evidence was brought before an election tribunal from one of the states in North Central of the gruesome killing of 26 prospective voters by ballot box snatchers. Their modus operandi is well known. They storm election venues in commando style, overwhelm the law-enforcement agents and seize ballot boxes leaving a trail of death and injury.

“Anyone who dares to put the lives of innocent citizens at risk in their desperation to rig elections, must be prepared for the possibility of losing their own lives because our security agents will certainly not stand by, clap for them and watch them kill and maim.”

He added that Buhari had the safety and security of Nigerians uppermost in mind when he made the comment, and should be praised rather than criticised for issuing this stern warning to potential ballot box snatchers.



  1. Why should anybody that has no evil plans during the election get offended by Buhari’s shoot at site order
    Those who deliberately cause trouble during elections truely deserve whatever consequences that comes with it

  2. Were we not told by our forefathers that “clear conscience fears no accusation”? If the serial election riggers, the PDP does not intend to display what they seem to have perfected all these years-ballot box snatching-why on earth are they so vociferous against the very stern warning my beloved PMB gave to intending ballot box snatchers? It obviously cannot be that they love Nigerians because if they have a modicum of love for Nigerians, they wouldn’t have “raped” them in the manner they did in the 16 miserable years they held sway.

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