Oyedepo breaks silence on presidential election in Nigeria

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church has lampooned the presidential and National Assembly elections which he believes were rigged.

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Speaking during the Sunday service at the Church headquarter in Ota, Ogun State, Oyedepo mocked the irregularities that marred the exercise and also prayed that Nigeria would not experience another war as a result of the remaining elections.

Oyedepo said: “Other developed countries around the world had developed their mode of voting into a digitised method, but it’s a shame that in Nigeria, we still queue up to vote, and somebody would still be intimidated by thugs. With these, it’s a shame how politicians in this part of the world are proud of elections marred with rigging.

“In Covenant University, any student caught indulging in examination malpractice, is gone. It does not matter if his or her father is the head of United Nations or not.”

Oyedepo continued by praying against any form of bloodbath in any part of Nigeria as a result of the forthcoming governorship and House of Assembly elections:

“Every spirit of thuggery in Nigeria shall be silenced and every forces that would not let Nigeria rest shall be laid to rest and silenced forever.”



  1. I don’t get it, Pastor? People still queue for elections in advanced democracies, including the US where voters information are properly digitized? I guess we should be talking about how to properly overhaul and reform our polity. Simple.

  2. I wonder if Oyedepo would have being saying this if Atiku, his preferred candidate, had won
    Besides, there is still queue in UK and other advanced nations during voting
    It’s only the system has made it so much easy you don’t have to wait for more than ten minutes on the queue

  3. I am not surprised about Bishop Oyedepo’s apparent frustration, money does not “flow” by way of tithes and others as it use to since 2015!

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