Charly Boy confessed he collected money to support Buhari – Deji Adeyanju

Popular activist Deji Adeyanju has revealed via his twitter page on how popular critic of the current administration, Charly Boy confessed to collecting money to support Buhari, while he languished in prison.

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Deji Adeyanju, who had earlier stated that he was withdrawing from the Our Mumu Don Do movemnet, said he has it on record when Charly Boy was making the confession.

He wrote:

Charly Boy is the number one Mumu in Nigeria. He compromised by collecting money from the government while i was locked up in prison by the oppressors. He collected money from them to do a video against the main opposition candidate -Atiku and also to stop attacking Buhari.

When I confronted him -Charly Boy with the evidence, he confessed to collecting money from them but said he didn’t collect the money to do a video against Atiku but they gave him the money as support. I dare him to deny this allegation. I have the recording of his confession.

Imagine after all the sacrifices, someone will just be going round collecting money in the name of the movement. Huge disappointment. A fraud. The stories are just too many.



  1. God brought confusion among you guys because you are fighting a transparent and upright man chosen by God himself
    Can’t all you conspirators see that God is fully behind Buhari
    You intestified your campaign of calumny again Buhari in the run up to the election yet he won by a wide margin

  2. Nothing happens for nothing! Deji Adeyanju, if you must know it was God that put that confusion among you hypocrites while the Just, my beloved PMB went about doing what he knows best: winning the mind and love of well-meaning Nigerians by winning the election by a much wider margin against a fellow Northerner. He that wants to ;earn, let him learn otherwise let continue to wallow in ignorance and hate.

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