PDP ‘painfully’ betrayed in 2019 elections – Governor Dankwambo

The Governor of Gombe State, Ibrahim Dankwambo has said that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was ‘painfully’ betrayed in his state during the just-concluded 2019 general elections.

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The governor, however, expressed optimism that time will reveal everything that pertains to the betrayal of the party in the state.

He noted that he and some other party loyalists that stuck with the party from 2015 even when many others jumped ship, will be vindicated with time.

His words: “Many betrayed our great party in Gombe but time will tell.

“Their betrayal though painful has made me more dedicated to the PDP.

“As a loyal party man, even when it was the fashionable thing in the North to abandon the party in 2015, I never did.

“We will be vindicated.”


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  1. Gov Ibrahim Dankwabo, please stop making general unsubstantiated statements. By your position, you should know who “painfully betrayed” your party in your State but if you are not prepared to go the whole hog to tell Nigerians who did it, you hold your peace and let Nigerians be.

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