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(Part 6) Diary of An Abuja Mistress

June 27, 2017 AdeLove 67

I read all you said, and they are good advice, but it is easier said than done, you know. Thank you for caring about me despite my repugnant lifestyle. Well that was not the end […]

AdeLove Stories

(Part 1) Diary of An Abuja Mistress

June 21, 2017 AdeLove 30

I am Ene and I live in Abuja. I wear expensive clothes and shoes, carry expensive bags, and I live in an expensive one bedroom apartment. My Instagram page is filled with semi-nude and sometimes […]

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October 17, 2016 AdeLove 0

SEE ALL OUR ADELOVE STORIES WE’VE UPDATED THUS FAR BELOW… We still have more left to be updated when less busy! ⇒ All AdeLOVE STORIES COMPILATION (SEE ALL) ⇒ Deaths In The Cathedral: A Tale Of […]