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Fashion Tips To Ace a Job Interview

July 3, 2017 AdeLove 0

Mondays are my best days, even though many people dread the day. It is my best day because, Mondays present a clean slate, another opportunity to make a change in my life, and in my […]

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How to be Modest and Glam in Church Today

July 2, 2017 AdeLove 0

When picking out clothes for church, one has to be careful. You can still be stylish and glam, still looking modest. I personally do not advocate wearing revealing clothes to church, I mean, do not […]

fashion this week

See inside the Closet of Scandal’s Olivia Pope

June 23, 2017 AdeLove 0

My favorite television series of all times is Scandal, and my favorite actress is Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. However, this post is not going to talk about  Scandal, it is about Olivia Pope’s amazing looks throughout the show. […]

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Way To Go With Tope FnR Wrap Dresses!

June 22, 2017 AdeLove 2

Every fashionista must have a wrap dress in her closet. This is like a must-have because, wrap dresses are extremely flattering, clinging to your body in just the right places, with a cinching at the […]