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Michelle Obama wearing more of Duro Olowu’s Designs

Nigerian-born Duro Olowu has really impressed the right people with his vibrant mix of African prints since the arrival of the London fashion scene in 2004. Duro Olowu has been in the fashion game since […]

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Husband & Wife!

Husband: My Wife, where are you? Wife: At home Love. Husband: Are you sure? Wife: Yes. Husband: Turn on the Blender. Wife: (turns blender on)… reeeereeerreeeererreee Husband: Ok my Love, Goodbye (ANOTHER DAY)… Husband: My […]

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Word Fact: It’s vs Its

English contains so many confusing words and punctuation marks you’d be forgiven for imagining some diabolical grammarian put them there to torture us. You’d be wrong, but it’s a reasonable assumption. One confusing pair that […]

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The indestructible Super Falcons Nigeria beat Lionesses of Cameroon 2-0 to grab the 9th African Women Championship

// AdeLove – Blog, Fashion, News & Entertainment Nigeria’s Super Falcons won the 9th edition of the African Women Championship on Saturday evening following their 2-0 defeat of Cameroon at the Sam Najoma […]