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J.K. Rowling dazzles the world with her magical book

June 25, 2017 Tunde 0

The creator of a wizarding empire which has dazzled the world, J. K. Rowling struggled through hardship to become an unrivalled children’s author with a global voice. Rowling once told a beaming crowd of Harvard […]

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Five amazing artworks everyone should see

June 14, 2017 Tunde 0

Art is inevitable. There are quite a number of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell around the world. Some of these are pretty amazing while others are just […]

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One Chance for stage at Lagos Country Club

June 3, 2017 Tunde 1

On Sunday, theatre lovers are promised to have great when Bode Asiyanbi’s play, One Chance, will be staged at the Lagos Country Club, GRA, Ikeja. The performance is produced by Ropo Ewenla and directed by […]

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Nigerian wins Etisalat prize for literature

May 21, 2017 Tunde 2

Jowhor Ile, author of And After Many Days, has won the Etisalat Prize for Literature. With this, he becomes the first Nigerian to win the book prize, which is in its fourth edition