AdeLove Global Freight Services is a limited liability company incorporated in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and U.S.A, with head office in Lagos and operational offices in all major Nigerian ports (Visit our website here Our services include Air and Sea Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance Services, Inland Transportation and Haulage Services, Export of Nigerian products and documentations, Warehousing, Oil and Gas logistics Services, Courier Services, etc.

Call us today +234-703-276-7051 or call Our U.S.A Office 1-844-238-2728 to partner with us with businesses based in Nigeria and the United States.

As your international freight forwarder, you can rely on AdeLove Global Freight Services to have the knowledge and tools to support your business everyday – worldwide.

With end-to-end multimodal and sea/air solutions, AdeLove Global Freight Services has the options and flexibility to help you craft a global shipping solution that is precisely matched to your needs.

  • International Air freight forwarding
  • International Ocean freight forwarding
  • Surface transportation– Highway and Rail

The best among Shipping and Logistics Company in Nigeria

To render a qualitative shipping and logistics services to all our esteemed clients.

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  1. Good day.

    Can you help pick up a parcel from my relative who stays at Frisco, Texas and deliver to me t Lagos, Nigeria?

    The parcel is a <1lb hair extension (human hair extension that weighs about 400g)

    How much would it cost and how long would the delivery take?

    I humbly anticipate a quick reply, pleaseeeee.

    Thank you!

  2. I believe with adelove, other chipping company will lean from them on how to render a better service to their customers, ADELOVE i de feel nna wella

  3. Please when are you completing the story you were on? “He left me when I needed him most?” Kindly complete it.
    Thank you.

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    Osama Bin Ladin was tracked not through America’s military ground force but through advanced military intelligence.
    It won’t be surprising to discover that Nigeria spends greater portion of her Gdp on security intelligence with vacuous results than the United states.
    We must take inventory of both our security hardware and software.
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