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A Dish Best Served Cold (On-going Story!)

⇒ The Bonny Island Massacre (ALL EPISODES!)

⇒ Swimming in Troubled Waters … Love Hurts! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ The Beautiful Gift of A Broken Heart (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Sins Of My Fathers … a Timely Story (ALL EPISODES)

Destiny Mismatch … A Compelling Story! (ALL EPISODES)

The Boss Babe… Realm of Darkness! (ALL EPISODES)

Torn Hearts of Ghosts in a Shell (ALL EPISODES)

Finding Sheila … A Morbid Tale! (ALL EPISODES)

Skull Island of an Agonizing Heart (ALL EPISODES)

Total Defiance … The Beauty of a Beast! (ALL EPISODES)

The Last Whisper of a Dying Heart (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ The Travails Of A Woman… a Breathtaking Story (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Fifty-50 Marriage… A touching tale! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination (ALL EPISODES)

Echoes of the Ugly Past (ALL EPISODES)

⇒  Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Friendly Enemies…What a Life! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ The Curse of Ndishi … A Scandalous Story! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Souls full of deep secrets … A Sensational Story! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒  Two Hearts with Twisted Destinies (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Muddy Buddies … A motivational Story! (ALL EPISODES)

Village Teacher …. From Pit to Palace (ALL EPISODES)

⇒  Wrong Turn … A fatal Attraction! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒  Queen of mixed Signals … A Deal Breaker! (ALL EPISODES) 

Christmas in November – A gripping Story! (All EPISODES) 

⇒ The Scourge… Battle for the gods (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Time and Tide … A Fascinating Story! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ A Letter from Jail … Life sucks beyond words (ALL EPISODES)

⇒  Bitter side of Love … A Judas Kiss! (ALL EPISODES)

⇒  Thorn that almost altered my Destiny … An intriguing Story! (ALL EPISODES)

 At the Eleventh Hour…A Life Lesson Story (ALL EPISODES) 

⇒ This is my Heart, not a toy – My Campus Life Experience (ALL EPISODES)

⇒ Complicated Love Web: How a One Night Stand With Abuja Chief Ruined my Life…An Interesting Story! (ALL EPISODES)