Wordfact: What’s the difference between “Advise” & “Advice”?

What’s the difference between Advise and Advice? Do you know? Does it matter? Well, yes, it does, because apart from the obvious fact that one has the ending -ise and the other -ice, there’s a highly significant distinction: one’s a verb (Advise) and one’s a noun (Advice).

Please see example below:


1. Attach yourself to those who advise you rather than praise you

2. My lawyer has advised me to settle this matter out of court

3. Many receive advice, but only the wise profit from it.

4. He who can take advice is sometimes superior to him who can give it.


You want to try some? Let’s do this!


1. The doctors prescribed pain relief and (adviced / advised) the boy to return if there was no improvement.

2. A word to the wise isn’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones who need the (advice / advise)


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