How to differentiate “There” Vs “Their” Vs “They’re”

This seems not only a common mistake for students learning English but also for native speakers. The words “there”, “their” and “they’re” are also words that sound the same (commonly called “Homophones”)

Words that sound the same but have different meanings (and sometimes spelling) are called homophones. Therefore they’retheir and there are Homophones.

What is the difference between There, Their and They’re?


There is the opposite of Here. It means “in that place” not here.

  • A: Where is my cap? – B: It’s over there.
  • I will look for a new friend when I arrive there.

There is/There are = to show that something exists.

  • There is a book on the table
  • There are many countries in Africa.



Their is a possessive adjective which is used before a noun. It shows possession, that something belongs to them.

  • Their house is big.
  • All of their friends were crazy.
  • The children put their books in their school bags.



They’re is a contraction of they are.
e.g. They’re happy = They are happy

They’re is usually before an adjective or a verb ending in ING.

  • They’re very interested in the project.
  • I personally think they’re crazy!
  • They’re singing loudly.




Let’s try this together…

  1. This is there/their/they’re ball of green string.
  2. There/Their/They’re the two best players in the league
  3. I went to there/their/they’re cottage last summer


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