Google Nexus 9, First Lollipop Tablet

Google has a new Nexus tablet (Slate), and it’s made by HTC. HTC does an admirable job of playing a tune familiar to Nexus fans with this tablet and offers one of the best-performing Android devices currently available.

Google Nexus 9_2

It’s being a while we heard from HTC, The Taiwanese device maker, so this return seems to be significant and not just because it’s a Nexus, but one of the Google’s stable of devices blessed with Stock Android and also the first to ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Google Nexus 9 gets a lot of cool features that other OEMS might not offer on their own devices. For instance, you can allow the tablet to be always listening for an “Ok Google” command to wake the device and launch a search, and specify whether it should do this on all screens at all times, even when not connected to power and when the screen is locked.

Google Nexus 9_4

Google also tweaked this feature by adding a voice-training element so that it should respond only to you, instead of to anyone who happens to say it.

The Nexus 9 also offers double-tap to wake, which means you can touch the screen anywhere twice in rapid succession to activate the screen. This seems to be a cool feature, which isn’t coming to the Nexus 7 or 5 via software update.

The battery life gets between eight and nine hours of active engagement.

Google Nexus 9_3

The Lollipop feature, a superior software experience is the account switching and guest account feature. From the lock screen, you can access other accounts registered on the device or just jump in as a guest. This will silo and protect your data. This makes the Nexus 9 great for passing around to guests without fear of revealing personal data or info.



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