Difference between “Sale” vs. “Sell”

They may not sound the same but the words “sale” and “sell” can be a great source of confusion for many people.

Sale is a noun while Sell is a verb. This means Sale functions as an object while Sell is an “action” word.

There are many different ways that you can use “sale” in a sentence. You can say that a product is for sale, an item is on sale, or a store is having a sale. A sale can be defined as the act of selling, which is an object and not a verb. Please refer to the examples below:

Incorrect: Alaba market will have my favorite bag for sell tomorrow.
Correct: Alaba market will have my favorite bag for sale tomorrow.
Sell is largely used as a verb. To sell something is to exchange that something for money (or something else of value), To make matters slightly confusing, “sell” can also be used as a noun in a very specific way. You could say, “The new Blackberry phone will be a hard sell for the customers.”

Incorrect: I am going to sale my camera.
Correct: I am going to sell my camera.


In summary…

Sell (verb) – to give up, deliver or exchange for money

  • People who move often sell unwanted items instead of packing them.


Sale (noun) – the act of selling; the work, department, etc. of selling

  • This house is for Sale




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