Nollywood Needs Me Back- Sam Dede

Nollywood and Ijele actor, Sam Dede who is also a university lecturer and incumbent Director-General/CEO, Rivers State Tourism Development Agency, has been away from the movie industry where he is popularly known to serve his people back home.

However, Sam still has the desire to return to Nollywood after the expiration of his appointment as he believes that they are lots of wrong going on in the make-believe world and need to be corrected as soon as possible. He said;

“I can’t wait to return to the industry. I will definitely return to Nollywood as soon as I am done with this appointment. There are so many jobs to be done in the industry. The fact is that a lot of things have gone wrong while some of us have been away.

“Some of us have gone into politics; taking up political appointments, while many others have gone into different businesses. We need to come back stronger and more experienced to put Nollywood on the right track”. He added


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