Checkout NewYork City payphone of the future – it does a whole lot more than make phone calls

O’boy! People are already experiencing the heaven-on-earth stylee. lol.

There are few pieces of infrastructure in any city more iconic than the pay phone. The pay phone has been a time-travel machine, and a safe haven.

NYC payphone2

For that reason, cities have been trying to figure out what to do with these outdated assets, and how to re-imagine them as telecom infrastructure for a modern era when most of us have our own cellphones. Now New York has unveiled the most ambitious plan yet for the pay phone of the future, which will, among things, require no pay to make domestic phones calls, and function as much more than a phone.

NYC payphone3

This o’course does a whole lot more than make phone calls. A consortium of advertising, modern-day pay phones that will offer 24-hour, free gigabit WiFi connections, free calls to anywhere in the U.S., touch-screen displays with direct access to city services, maps and directions for tourists, and charging stations (for the cellphones you’d rather use). The devices will also be capable of connecting people straight to emergency responders, and broadcasting alerts from the city during emergencies like Hurricane Sandy.


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