Fashola Signs new law to disclose Sex Offenders


The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN on Monday signed an Executive Order to provide for compulsory reporting of actual and suspected Child Abuse and Establish a Sex Offenders’ Register in the State, stating that the case of Child and Women Abuse would only disappear by the collective actions of all stakeholders. 

The Governor who spoke at the Banquet Hall of the Lagos House, Ikeja before a gathering of several Women Rights Groups and Non- Governmental Organizations, added that the Government believes that it was not enough to just sign an Executive Order but to ensure that that the stakeholders also take ownership of the new provision.

He stressed that the Office of the Attorney General in the State has done a lot of work and has identified some areas in the State where there are prevalence of incidents of abuse against women and children.

He urged all those people in such Local Governments to change their ways as a society and as a community because if they do not, the State Government will not hesitate to come after them.

Governor Fashola also charged operators of the private sector, especially banks, to desist from the habit of asking women they employ to go and bring deposits that are impossible to come by in order to keep their jobs.

“This is the time when women must rise up and say no to those kinds of jobs. If they would not send men on that type of mission, then you must not go. Some of them are mission impossible targets and so that is where vulnerability comes. Why give a woman a big job where she has to put her dignity on the line in order to do it”, he asked. 



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