Kenyan court sentences U.S. citizen to 50 years in jail for making & distributing child pornography on the Internet


Wonders shall never end. This Oyinbo people wan carry their uncultured attitude come Africa.  I bet, you won’t try it for 9ja. Please read the full details after the snip…

A court in Kenya on Tuesday sentenced a US citizen to 50 years in jail for making and distributing child pornography on the Internet.

Terry Ray Krieger, 59, was arrested in October after Interpol tipped off Kenyan police about an Internet user in the country who went by the alias ‘Babytoddler123’ and was circulating paedophile material to overseas users.

Krieger, from the state of Michigan, had initially denied the charges but changed his plea to guilty last month.

“Children occupy a special place in society and their rights must be protected,” Nairobi Magistrate Joseph Karanja told the court.

“The accused has robbed young children of their innocence and it is disturbing that these despicable acts have been going on undetected,” he said, dismissing the wheelchair-bound Krieger’s contention that he was a paraplegic and should be shown some leniency.

Krieger was also identified as a repeat offender, having been convicted in 1992 in the United States for criminal sexual conduct with an under-13, for which he served three years in prison.

The minimum sentence under Kenyan law is six years, but the judge ruled Krieger should face a maximum possible term of 50 years — meaning he will likely die behind bars.




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