Honda Automobile Company to “recall” air bag nationwide


“Recall” usually comes as an official order to return the product to the manufacturer for upgrades/Resolutions whenever the manufacturer of a product detects some issues or faults and they tend to correct it via software upgrades or other means. There has been numerous issues or reports from Honda Automobile Users about the New Honda 2014/2015 models where the “Air Bag” explode with too much force and this has caused lot of casualties in U.S.

Under Federal Regulators in U.S, Honda is expanding a recall of driver’s side air bags to all 50 states in U.S.  Users in Nigeria to ensure you check with your Auto-company if recall is needed on Honda cars supplied to Nigeria (Please do. Your Safety first! Don’t let it be too late by falling a victim)

The air bags, made by Japanese supplier Takata Corp., can explode with too much force, sending metal shrapnel into the passenger compartment. Takata insists that current recalls covering 8 million U.S. cars in high-humidity areas are sufficient. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants the recalls expanded nationwide after some incidents outside the high-humidity zones.

Rick Schosteck, Honda’s executive vice president for North America, told House lawmakers Wednesday that Honda will expand the regional recall it began in June, but will continue to prioritize high-humidity areas. He also said Honda is working with other air bag manufacturers to make sure it has enough parts.



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