(video) Protests Erupt in New York & Washington DC after no indictment for Chokehold Death of Eric Garner


Eric Garner, 43, A 400 pound asthmatic Staten Island Dad died Thursday, 17th July 2014 after a Cop put him in a chokehold and other officers appeared to slam his head against the sidewalk.

Eric resisted being handcuffed but was forced and manhandled by 5 other police officers.

” I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” screamed Eric repeatedly but the officers turned deaf ears to his plead until Eric died in the process.

The officer that killed Eric Garner by chocking was not indicted but only suspended from his duty. See video below for full details




  1. What was the reasoning??? This one really doesn’t make any kind of sense…how could they not find charges when Garner was not hostile and clearly stated he can’t breathe! I’m lost.

  2. When he says,” I can’t breath”, it’s disturbing. Black/white/Hispanic/Asian Color,race,religion. It doesn’t matter!

  3. This is sad, he didn’t swing one time. His hands were in the air before they threw him to the ground. You could see the palm of his hands his fingers were open, no fist , no struggle, no threat,this was Murder ,simple.

  4. Oh my.GOD. The guy was just selling cigarettes. Trying to make ends meet to feed his family. Why not just arrest him, give him a warning!!!

  5. This is unbelievable especially since there is a video to show what happened . I thought that if the cops wear a cameras, it was going to make a difference – I guess not after this grand jury decision.

  6. One thing is promised in this life..you have to face “God one day an thats who he has to answer too…he is guilty of murder an you cant get away with that on “Judgement Day..

  7. Sad just sad! Was recorded and you hear this MAN saying”I can’t breath”. America WAKE THE HELL UP! What’s happening to AMERICA Justice system!!!!!

  8. I don’t understand the purpose of this man being coked when his hands were up. All of that for illegally selling cigarettes on the streets. No land for Blacks at all.

  9. Prayers towards his family who will not be celebrating Xmas or any other day with him. God is Just & Fair. These cops will have to answer soon.

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