Obasanjo’s regime is the most corrupt regime ever – Senator Owie


Senator Roland Owie, Edo South Constituency shares his opinion with Dailypost that the former president, Olusegun Obasanjo caused the problems being suffered today by Nigerians due to his alleged misrule and failure to create jobs for the youths.

senator Owie

See Excerpts detailed below:

He said: “And that is why today, immediately he left, Boko Haram started killing Nigerians in the North because Obasanjo’s regime failed to create jobs for our youths. I read in the papers, yesterday, of shocking revelations of fraud perpetrated by Obasanjo’s administration.

I urge the police and the EFCC to start investigating these allegations immediately. Some of us have been saying it that Obasanjo’s regime has been the most corrupt regime that ever ruled this country.

“Obasanjo is the worst thing that had happened to Nigeria. He should be probed by EFCC publicly. Jonathan is working day and night to clean up the mess he left behind, yet he cannot see anything good in the man and for some of us it is satanic”.




  1. U and ur sponsor are fools,take it or leave it ,i think most beautiful girl on earth do go toilet too! We need obasanjo type in dis situation we find ouselves now becos even in d Bible for a king to succeed in his plan fr his peopple ,some people must be in prisons ,i mean anybody dat his freedom wil jeopadise his regime,if ure afraid of water never go to d river,some of us are animal in humanbeing flesh, lets learn how to celebrate our heroes both living and dead as nobody loves oneness of dis country more than papa obasanjo,d so called acuser what has he achieved with millions of naira meant fr his constituency,a pot called kettle black,Ebora owu kingdom may u live long sr and see Nigeria to promised land durin ur life time amen,

  2. Master sanator owier,maybe u’er over drunk with stealling of oil money and ur sitting allowance that is why u forgot so soon that OBJ,wasn’t number 4 talkless of number one u clamming.right now Gen,Abasah number one followed by GEJ,in fobel magazine rating in Nigeria .So talk again let me hear u.

  3. just to mention a few, OBJ was the petroleum minister as well as president. OBJ sold major federal government concern and did not account for them. OBJ licensed and built a private university of his while in office and so many others. obj is CORRUPTION PERSONIFIED !!

  4. Strange how we have all degenerated. Some yeas back, we were all calling for the probe of OBJ and IBB, now we are defending them?. This generation has nothing to offer. When Boko Haram Governor was in APC he was praised and glorified, immediately he crossed over, he’ll hath no fury… . let us hold a position, it does not matter if he is on our side or otherwise. Call a spade a spade. Both PDP and APC are vampires… we deserve better. but no, some of us will always follow the tide and play interest politics. QED.

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