Open Letter to Governor Fashola by Ndigbo about Marginalization

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Chief Udo Udeogaranya, President of Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria (NCSN), a socio-cultural platform for the propagation of the interests of Ibos writes this open letter to Governor Fashola regarding how Ndigbo are completely lacking in the politics of the state.

See Excerpts detailed below:

“Correct us if we are wrong, but about 16 years of stewardship, since the inception of this Fourth Republic, your political organisation, All Progressives Congress (APC) owes Ndigbo Community of Lagos State an obligation to explain to us what is it in the CHANGE that your party continues to clamour, when we have seen nothing except change of name of AD to ACN and now to APC or do we vote for another party,” the group noted.

“Ndigbo have campaigned and voted massively for your party in the previous elections except for Presidential elections, but what is our political fortunes, after these years of solid support?”

“Lagos State remains a homeland of Nigeria Multi-Ethnic group, the resource of the State is not found in the rich Oil and Gas or any other natural resource, but rather on the people of Lagos State and proceeds of their labour, on which Ndigbo accounts for a very large percentage.”

“Despite this, Ndigbo are not permitted by your party, All Progressives Congress (APC) to have a political say, by making sure that in the 376 ward seats, 20 LGA seats, 37 LCDA seats, 40 State House seats, 24 Federal House seats, 3 Senatorial Seats, 1 Deputy and 1 Governorship seats, Ndigbo are completely excluded including areas of the State that are predominated by the Igbo residents, except 1 Counilorship seat in Ajegunle.”
“Is your party, APC suggesting that that those who contribute their resource should not have a say on how it should be managed?

“Markets in Lagos State that can be called Ndigbo markets, for instance the Ladipo Auto Parts market as a test case, have been shut down severally and at will, even with pleadings from South-East State Governors were not enough for your APC led government of Lagos State to understand the need to allow these markets function without unnecessary government intrusions. Is there a change to the policy or is it still business as usual?”

“Appointments in Lagos State have never reflected on the constitutional stipulation of carrying all the people of the state along, even at local council levels, particularly in the appointment of judges in the state. Are Yorubas better qualified than other Nigerians in Lagos State?”

“Lagos State Government continues to fund Eyo Festival but leaves the Igbo day Festival or New Yam festival to South-East governors to fund. Should Ndigbo then pay their dues to South-East Sates governments?”

“Lagos State House of Assembly continues to conduct the house business on Yoruba language, translating that Lagos State is now a mono lingual State, is this as a negligence of facts on ground or that Ndigbo offspring in Lagos State should forgo their cultural background or give up their political rights?”

“Various sons and daughters of Ndigbo in Lagos State have complained bitterly over the ridiculous process in practice it is for an Igbo to obtain necessary government approvals without having to go through Yoruba facilitators. Is this to underscore that one race have become superior to another?”

“Areas in the State densely populated by Ndigbo like Coker, Ajao Estate etc.. have not smelt any completed infrastructural development projects of the Lagos State government, or are there?”

“On the deportation of the 72, you have apologized and apology accepted and therefore case closed. We wait patiently for your answers or we shall look for another come February 2015.”

The group however, overlooked the fact that the spokesman of the APC in Lagos State, Mr. Joe Igbokwe and the state commissioner for economic planning are both Ibos.


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  1. This is funny, is it possible for any Yoruba man to go to river state or any Ibo state to contest , give is one Yoruba man in Ibo
    Land that as a seat , Lagos is a Yoruba land forget about the exposure and every thing if you like invest 100percent you can never get a seat, the believe of the Ibo is that Lagos is a no tribe state and that is a big lie

  2. How many non igbos are allowed to buy land or own properties in Igbo states?Do you remember Abia Govnor sacking non Abians in Abia state civil service.The situation is really that bad in Eastern Nigeria.Let them accomodate non igbos in their states first.Lagos and Kano govts have been more than fair to them

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