Meet the first gay couple in Scotland

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few hours ago, the first gay wedding ceremonies in Scotland took place on Wednesday just after the stroke of midnight, as two couples tied the knot in Glasgow.

Dressed in kilts, Joe Schofield and Malcolm Brown, both 42, entered the Trades Hall to the sound of bagpipes at 11:30 pm on Tuesday, and after the clock chimed midnight, the formalities got under way.

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They said: “We are very proud to be one of the first couples in Scotland to be able to officially call ourselves husband and husband.

“This is an amazing chapter in Scotland’s history which we are all witnessing and can be proud of.

“Scotland is leading the way in fairness and equality for all, and we would like to thank all those who campaigned so tirelessly for this change.”


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They exchanged rings and embraced before signing the marriage register. Then Liz Lochead, Scotland’s national poet, read a specially-composed sonnet.

The couple also drank whisky from a quaich, a two-handled vessel often referred to as “the loving cup”, as per the Scottish tradition.

“We’ll go about our lives as normal, except I can confidently and happily say — at last — ‘this is my husband’. That’s great!” Brown told BBC television.

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