Why GEJ could not visit the Chibok girls – Alhaji Yakasai

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Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, Elder statesman and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain,  has said it was too risky for President Jonathan to visit Chibok when about 234 school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in April 2014 from the Government Girls Secondary School Chibok in Borno State. Yakasai made this disclosure on a popular Radio Nigeria Kaduna Hausa programme, “Hannu da Yawa”.

According to him, “Why I think the president’s decision not to visit the area is not bad is because we were all aware of the deteriorating level of insecurity in that part of the country. We all know it was too risky for the president to visit Chibok at that time. The president is not a soldier, soldiers are the people that should be sent there. If I was the president and such an incident occurred, the right thing for me to do was to send soldiers and to be frank, our soldiers are doing their best. We are hearing on radio and reading on newspapers how soldiers are being killed but yet they are doing their best.

“I don’t know what is happening, the Minister of Defence, Ali Gusau, is a northerner, the National Security Adviser is a northerner, the Inspector General of Police is northerner, the Chief of Defence Staff is also a northerner. All Nigerian soldiers are under his order, if all these people cannot address the problem how would it be easy for the president to do it? Don’t forget that suicide bombers are now experts, so what will happen if they ambushed the president and something bad happened to him? Do you think his people will accept that? Except if people want the country to return to the Niger Delta militants era.” He said

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  1. I did not agree he has any reason not to visit a city or town under his Control,which such devilish act occurred in.
    All lives are precious. None what westing. Not even that of the solders.
    The president is chief Security officer of the entire nation.
    He sworn to protect lives & properties of the country. So, if some of this lives are being taken away he has questions to answer.
    His failure to visit Chibok is gross display of weakness and bridge of his vow to protect lives & property. The president is in control of the security parastatals & personals,they can afford him enough Security if he want to visit Chibok.

  2. U never trek for about 20 or 30kilometres on foot, no water, no food nd seeing children dying, women given birth on d mountains without any help….father living his children nd wife behind….students running without any destination, everybody running for their live trying to escape from d evil insurgents…how i wish d old fool nd some of u talking such rubbish will experience such happenings…i think u will no longer talk rubbish again!

  3. He is one the biggest problem of the northerners by misleading ppl of the north and the whole cntry .as for the GEJ is the shameless president ever he should av honorably resigned but being who he is as shameless he will be put int highest degree of shame come Feb 2015

  4. Yakasai is a beggar and wish to die begging. Cameroonian soldiers are the ones clearing boko haram people for Nigeria because their Govt give them Arms but Gej don’t want boko haram to stop kiling people in the north reason best known to him instead he buy arms secretly to arm boko haram to kill yakasai’s brothers in the north. Do yakasai knows that he is a very old man that don’t have life time to spend what he is gathering of wealth?

  5. i recall with chilling clarity and foreboding dread d nigh drama dat took place then! from nowhr we head dat d president was to visit chibok on a particular day!wch was immediately denied by dame presidency! i immediately suspected foul play!b4 even US prez visits anywhr,moreso a trouble spot,adequate combing of d area by security personnel wld v bn done!i smelled a putrefying rat and thankfully d security detail warned him not to as well!i began to wonder,’who cld ve so desperately wanted him out of d way and in d process send Naija into anarchy?’. d man is ryt,send soldiers

  6. USELESS YAKASAI. is the President more than the people that are living in chibok being killed.you northern elders doesn’t mine only south south people know how to revenge. hopeless northern elders

  7. For Nigeria to see peace let law of 8 year in government be Amended Let northern Elder forum Agreed that Nigeria belonq all Nigerian Let PDP party Agreed that government house all belong to other political parties Let the present government Agreed that they have fail the hope of common people Let Nigerian return back to God he will return to us

  8. The Nigerian army has sentenced 12 soldiers to death by firing squad.
    If you are against capital punishment, please watch the video and retweet the hashtag – #brotherdeliverbrother https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEDuiPbn-BE

    I know its a long shot what i am attempting to achieve here but it is better than me sitting down in my comfort zone with my arms folded and doing nothing about it.

    I hope this topic doesn’t get brushed aside by you or others in the world.
    Its a topic you are aware of but i will like more light to be shed on it.

    12 Nigerian Soldiers have been sentenced to death by the Nigerian Army.
    Despite the military code of conduct, i still think it is a barbaric way
    to punish anyone.

    The international communities as well as Notable Nigerians both domestic
    and in diaspora are outraged by this inhumane decision.

    In light of this development, i have decided to shoot a music video campaigning against the decision of the Nigerian military to execute the soldiers.

    Join me in my campaign urging the Military to

    Watch the video here.
    Retweet the hashtag #BrotherDeliverBrother

    My point of attack ‘so to say’, is that there is no need to kill these soldiers, they can be jailed or have some other form of punishment meted out on them, but not “death by firing squad”, not in this time and age of progress and transformation.

    Killing the soldiers is the same thing as handing the soldiers over to Boko haram to slaughter, which is what i tried to portray in the satiric music video on the link.

    I sincerely hope you bring more attention to my campaign by sharing.

    (Simple Humble Unassuming Good-natured African)
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