President Jonathan commits to bring justice to Boko Haram

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Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and President, Goodluck Jonathan earlier today, Thursday during the New Year message broadcast on radio and TV assures and vows to defeat Boko Haram in Nigeria. He said, as the President, he hears the cries and share the sorrow and pain of victims of insurgency that have been turned to widows and orphans by the terrorists and he would not abandon them.

The President said, “We are re-equipping and re-positioning our armed forces to enhance their capacity to win the ongoing war against terror and insurgency. 

“Regrettably, terrorists have unleashed much pain and agony on our land. They have made widows of our mothers and sisters and orphans of our children. 

“They have shut down businesses, desecrated places of worship and brought untold hardship to both men and women. They have violated the culture and peaceful way of life in our country, which took generations to build. 

“They have destroyed countless schools and displaced people from their communities, driving them into exile. 

“want to assure you that the terrorists will not get away with their atrocities: they will not win; they will be routed. As President, I feel the pain of all affected communities and families. I hear their cries and share their sorrow and pain.

 “We will not forget; we will not look the other way. We have done a lot of painstaking planning and work to resolve the current security challenge. We will bring justice to the savage terrorists known as Boko Haram. They will be defeated. 

“That is the solemn commitment I make today as President of the Federal Republic, and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces.”

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  1. meaning the man know about BH but using the life of nigerian for politics .what is he waiting for all this days.
    waiting bh to kill us finsh he now come as messiah all the munmuns we start praising and hailing him for the killing he created .

  2. when will you stop mucking good people of Nigeria. you have said so many things and failed to fulfil any one… come on…jare you must go God’grace

  3. Lols….. …. Mr president what are u doing since all dis days, u dont av to say that bcos it is a shame for u nd ur house hold, u dont consident d civilian. Am highly disappointed in you…. If you want nigeria to have peace leave that post 4 a better person, boko haram killed pple bcos of ur wrong doing,if u leave dat post boko haram will stop….. If u win dis time many ppl ll di

    • Odion may God run your life the way peoples life is being run in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, and most especially in Sambisa forest..

  4. Upon all the numerous promises made throughout his term in office, which sensitive ones has he fulfilled? Or is that Nigerians do not understand any more and so can not differentiate facts from fictions? His term still remains, let us see him fulfilling the earlier promises before making more promises. “Once bitten, twice shy” period!!!

  5. u guys believe this fake and false post, how will d president say sometin like this,definately there is work going on BH, issue, there is no reason, why he want people to die,knowin that will only to d mass annoyance and not happiness, this post is shit, fake and false, pls just disregard it

  6. u guys believe this fake and false post, how will d president say sometin like this,definately there is work going on BH, issue, there is no reason, why wil he want people to die,knowin that will only lead to d mass annoyance and not happiness, this post is shit, fake and false, pls just disregard it

  7. He has failled the country pple,he came into the power to pave way for his fellow men to loot our belongings and more so to turn this Great country into confussions.coming back for the second term, its to round up his looting and this country will ever regret for voting him for the 2 term. Sooooo SHINE UR EYES OOoooo.

  8. Craze dey worry him,after all those wasted lives…he no go enter by God grace…na Buhari we want ooo.Hehehhehahahahahahahah,this is very funny,GMB has my vote all alone and I always spread all His good deeds everywhere I step and am not surprised that everyone I met support Him from their heart.we are not glutton like some other God grace GENERAL MUHAMMAD BUHARI would become the president of Nigeria.I have asked elderly people and read about Buhari online and am very astonished by His great work…..people of Nigeria are not deaf and dump.we needed a good changes coming this election this year.God be with you and your household those that support GENERAL MUHAMMAD BUHARI and I pray God would use Him positively for Nigeria.

  9. Maybe the idiot thinks we Nigerians are bunch of fools and dullard like himself and cohorts…..enough of his mugun parol….wise up my fellow brothers and sisters….vote the lier,pretender and wicked president out…..Go away fucking killer.

  10. U dont mean it, no… no it is unacceptable, wel never minds he’s just joking it will not succeed even by his power or what ever it may b, he’s just trickish sombodi

  11. Are our policians this wicket?They now move from denying people basic social amenities and promise to make it available if voted into office to promise of protecting lives with the condition of voting them into office!

  12. You Bastad, if nigerial laws tell you not to bring live waster in to law, anyway you can start wasting nigerial morney on them to enjoy thire live after wasted uncountable of nigerians people’s live like you did for Niger delta militant. And thank God they can not help you to face bokoharam and bring back our girls, Bastad and lazy people, 419 and liars militant people, it’s only to drunk and carry woman they are alive for . But Jonathan is sponsored them with our morney on foolish militant and illiterate state .

  13. Can he “9bring boko haram to justice’? I doubt it. Why hasnt he done that since? You guys think that you can decieve people. We see the reality on the ground not deciet anymore.

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