I have had the intention of getting married to every lady i’ve dated – IK Ogbonna

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Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, is one of the few entertainers that are comfortable enough to let the world know about their love lives. He has never hidden the fact that he has a girlfriend as he often posts pictures of his Columbian lady on his social media pages.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the bald headed actor said that some people often advise him to ensure nobody knows he has a girlfriend. He said that some people even go to the extent of insulting his girlfriend online.

“A lot of people tell me that since I am a fine boy and Nollywood’s bad boy, I should not let people know that I have a girlfriend because of the ladies. I believe that is total nonsense. 

As far as I am concerned, why should I live a fake life because I am in the public eye? Why should I lie to people that respect me? If someone is my fan, the person should respect me for who I am. I cannot be dating someone and deny the lady of her right to happiness because I am in the public eye. Women like it when their men celebrate them except a lady that has skeleton in her cupboard. 

I am not flaunting my woman; instead, I am living my life the way I should. I am doing things that will make my woman happy. I don’t cheat and that is why I am living my life the way I am. 

The disadvantage of being open about your private life is that some people try to destroy what you are trying to build. They spread all sorts of rumours but as far as you people are best of friends, you will laugh about such stories. Some people go to my instagram page to insult my girlfriend but when we see it, we laugh about it,” Ogbonna said.

He told Saturday Beats that regardless his status, ladies still chase him. Ogbonna further hinted on the possibility of getting married to his Columbian girlfriend.

“Even married men still have girls chasing them. As far as you have some money in your pocket, women will chase you. Times have changed now and people don’t care about your status anymore, they go for what they want at every cost. What really matters is if I am willing to fall for the advances or stay focused. It will never change even if I get married. I am a principled young man even though I may flirt sometimes. I know where I am going to because I know where I am coming from. 

Man can propose but God disposes. Every girl that I have dated in my life, I have had the intention of getting married to them because I don’t believe in wasting my time. My time is very precious to me. I cannot also waste a woman’s time. When I am dating, it is courtship and I try to see if we are compatible enough to settle down together. 

I am very honest with who I am dating right now and she is also honest with me. If God makes us get to a stage where we can get married, I am not going to hide it. What makes you a man is the ability to leave the single sweet life and become one with another person. If the mindset of some people is too low to accept certain things, it will not stop me from living my life,” he said.


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