Nigeria and neighbor countries-Benin, Cameroon, Niger & Chad agree to raise additional 8,700 army to crush Boko Haram insurgents

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In an effort to crush Boko Haram terrorists, Nigeria and the neighbouring Benin, Cameroon, Niger and Chad have agreed to raise an 8,700-strong army.

It was gathered that 8, 700 deployments include members of the Armed forces of these countries including the police and civilians as part of a regional effort to end Boko Haram menace. The five countries reached this decision at the weekend in Yaounde, the Cameroun’s capital, where they issued a statement to that effect.

Representatives of Benin, Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad attended the three days meeting, which focused on forging a strategy for battling the militants, who are engaged in a worsening six-year insurgency. It was gathered that the decision of these five nations will be submitted to African Union leaders through Western and African experts to the United Nations, UN Security Council for approval.


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