Apple sets to initiate a wrist-watch that could replace your car keys


Apple company in another dimension. In the recent interview with Apple CEO, Tim Cook, who is doing a tour in part to help prepare the world for the launch of the Apple Watch, which is likely going to be the start of the show at a special event on Monday March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. He spoke to The Telegraph about the company’s first smart wearable and talked about what will motivate a purchase decision for the Apple Watch now, and why it’ll only get more attractive as time goes on.

In the Telegraph interview, Cook offers the example of the Apple Watch replacing your car’s physical keys or dedicated fob. It’s a powerful use case to propose because it’s immediately apparent that if one already has an Apple Watch for the benefits of notifications and communication it offers, migrating the functions of other dedicated gadgets with similar radio and sensor loadouts to the wearable makes a ton of sense.

The Apple Watch has enough hype, style and substance to be a success out of the gate, but the longer-term story that will be told once sales volume moves adjacent markets is the most interesting in terms of broader impact for our everyday lives.



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