Actress Mercy Johnson Talks About Happy Home As Celebrity

The Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, has called on fans and colleagues to always have trust and true love for their husband if they want their marriage to stand the test of time.

Mercy stated that the rate of divorce cases among Nigerian celebrities as been as a result of lack of trust and love from both parties which eventually leads to calamitous countdown towards the end of the marriage.

Using herself as an example, the actress stated that she has always been truthful to her husband and he has always done same which is why she is still enjoying her marriage till date.

She stressed that the one of the biggest lies anyone can tell himself/herself is using one or more random experiences to judge and stereotype others as everyone has a different stories to tell.

“I am an actress who is correcting the rigid stand that actresses cannot have happy homes when they get married. Also, bear in mind that there are several Nigerian actresses like me who are happily married. Having a happy marriage is a choice a woman has to make. When you decide to have a happy marriage, you focus your thoughts, actions, words, work and everything else around protecting that happiness,”


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  1. Indeed, happy marriage is a choice every woman should make. I couldn’t agree less with Mercy Johnson, but I must say it isn’t only actresses going through divorces, many other females are facing same ordeal.
    For me the reason for so many divorces these days is the fact that most people go into marriages thinking they can simply leave the marriage at any point in time.
    I would like everyone(especially females) to put this at the back of their minds that “they will marry once and the marriage will last for a lifetime”. This decision will let us be very cautious when choosing a life partner and not just jump into any marriage because we know we can always get a divorce.
    Thank You!

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