Another Actress,Ashionye, shares Her Interesting Love Story!

Popular Nigeria actress, producer and singer, Ashionye Raccah , met her true love in the heart of a Nigeria-based Ireland husband, Carl.

They have been married for six years and also have a son to show for it.


In a recent interview, the leggy diva recalled how her husband proposed to her and what has kept their union strong.

” We have known each other for 15 years but we have been married for six years. We dated for eight years even though we broke off the relationship at some point. We came back together and decided to get married,” she gushed.

On how he proposed, she said,” I found the ring hidden in his socks which was placed somewhere in his wardrobe. Although I had my things at his place, I didn’t see the engagement coming. When I showed him the ring, he said, “you ruined the surprise,’’ and I told him to go ahead and propose.”

She also described her marriage to be filled with ups and downs.

“It has been great because I married my friend. We have our ups and downs, we argue but always find a meeting point. I love my opinions to be heard at all times.”
This story made a confirmation of what actress Mercy Johnson said that not all female celebrities have broken homes,some have happy home too!


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