New Galaxy S6-Edge – Samsung Android finally did it!


Here comes the competitive smartphone to beat this season, Galaxy S6-Edge. The S6 comes in two designs – Standard type and the Edge type. The S6-Edge is slim, stylish, and powerful, a mashup between the previous Galaxy S series with the original iPod Touch. It’s well-made and unique, a combination rarely found in cellphones these days and it is as far from the Galaxy S5 as the T-1000 was from the original Terminator. In short, it’s pretty cool and probably the only S6 – the other being the non-curved standard model – if you ask me, I just pre-ordered mine and I’m buying.

While the “standard” S6 is solid, usable, and handsome, I think the Edge is the real winner here. Why? First off the design is unique and unique to Samsung. It is the one that you will notice and it feels great in the hand. The standard S6 is another solid slab and although the size difference is minuscule you can truly feel the difference. The Edge disappears in the pocket while the S6 is just another smartphone.

Everything in the S6 is available in the Edge. Both run a Exynos 14nm 64-bit Octa Core processor and both come in 64 and 128GB variants (you can get the S6 in 32GB.) Both have a built-in IR blaster for changing channels on your television, a usable heart rate monitor that doubles as a flash, acceptable front and back cameras, and a beautiful 5.1-inch 2560 x 1440 pixel Super AMOLED display that Samsung uses to excellent effect. Everything about the phone is smooth – from the pixel-free screen to the lush colors to the animations and transitions. This is Samsung kicking out the stops.

I hesitate to say that Samsung “Finally Did It!” The fact that it took them this long to think carefully about design and not just paste a laundry list of features on the design lab wall is shameful. This phone can beat any lesser manufacturer’s offerings handily and it stands toe-to-toe with Apple. If Samsung can keep this up they will be truly successful in all facets of the manufacturing process. A friend once told me that he doesn’t buy Samsung phones because Samsung is a washing machine and air conditioner company. With this Galaxy S6-Edge phone they are finally a mobile company. I concur!



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