Chris Brown Wants Karrueche Back,He Stalks Her On Social Media (Photo)

Chris Brown obviously wants Karrueche back and he has resorted to not so flattering measures. Chris has been stalking her on social network. He attempted to show a sign of solidarity with the comment, ‘keep killing it kiddo,’ but was met with no response.

Chris has been calling her phone and her friend’s phones endlessly, but Karrueche is not picking up.
TMZ reports that he’s been so frustrated he’s turned to social media, complimenting her for all to see.He is telling his friends he’s not going to date anyone else and is confident Karrueche will come back to him.’


Also on Saturday, he took to his Twitter account to show Karrueche and his fans that he is making steps towards improving himself.

‘It’s great to humble yourself… I fall off track often when I’m able to humble myself I can see everything a lot clearer,’ he tweeted.


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