Legendary Act, 2face Idibia Says He Used To Claim ‘Staff’ To Enter Public Transport

The legendary Nigerian singer, 2face Idibia has recounted the early days in his career, when he did not have much and had to hustle around town.

In an interview with Views Channel, the iconic singer spoke about how he used to claim he was a member of the Nigerian Police Force or Armed Forces in order not to pay whenever he took public transport.

“I got robbed sometime in school. All my audio cassettes that I recorded they took them. I was sad for like a year plus. I dropped out and I am like look I am not continuing this thing I am going to follow music. I actually confessed to my parents. I told them the truth that I am not going back to school. I am going to Lagos, FESTAC town. All this waka wey I dey talk so, na molue… staff, sometimes na fight we go fight. Them go pursue us from bus” he recalled.

‘Staff’ is a popular lingo in Nigeria, and it is used by either policemen or members of the armed forces whenever they enter public transport. The person saying this word is exempted from paying the transport fare.


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