Don Jazzy Expresses His Thoughts On The Oba Of Lagos’ Statement

The dust is still yet to settle on Oba Rilwan Akiolu’s anti-Igbo statement made over the weekend. Several politicians, commentators and celebrities have expressed their thoughts on the highly controversial issue.

The CEO of Mavin Records (popularly now referred to as the Supreme Mavin Dynasty) has come out to air his mind on the Oba of Lagos’ statement which threatened death on Igbos who won’t vote for the APC gubernatorial candidate on April 11, 2015.

Yesterday, April 7, 2015 a Twitter account with the handle @Iam_SkySwag asked Don Jazzy why he had kept quiet about the issue. @Iam_SkySwag also insinuated that because Don Jazzy did not want to talk about the issue because he is close to the Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola.

The prolific hitmaker munched these tweets directed at him and posted them on his Instagram account. In the caption below the picture, Don Jazzy expressed his thoughts on the whole issue.

“I am a Nigerian first and an Igbo man second. Fashola has treated everyone in Lagos fairly as far as I know and I am proud to be associated with him. #mentor” he wrote.

He further wrote “As a wise/civilized/respectful Igbo man, I will not desecrate the stool of royalty, even though, I totally frown at that recording. But I will tell you for free that we all have the freedom to choose whom to vote for & no one can force you or me to vote as he/she pleases. #IDJA.”


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