Forever and ever, PDP can no longer deliver, says Oshiomhole

Ahead of this weekend’s House of Assembly elections in Edo state, Governor Adams Oshiomhole has admonished the people of the state not to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in order not to go back to the “dark days of under development, poverty and unemployment”.
Speaking at a rally in Uromi, yesterday, Oshiomhole said “Let me remind you that Saturday is an opportunity to consolidate the change. I hear people say that before APC was in opposition; yes we too want them to do opposition. PDP has passed its productive years. Forever and ever, PDP can no longer deliver.
“The engine of the Mercedes in Abuja today is APC’s Buhari, the back axle at the State level is Oshiomhole of the APC, now the seat in the House of Assembly, do you want to put in Volkswagen and reject the Benz? You must vote Adima and Okpame so that the Mercedes will be complete.
“Election that was held last week, some people do not know what happened. Some say we lost but I say we won because today APC is now the Federal Government. Can we win more than that? To win does not mean that everybody must vote one way. What the majority says is what matters. That is what gives me joy.
“My joy again is that in the whole of South-south, it is only in Edo State that Buhari recorded 46%. In Edo, Buhari won 46% and what is needed is 25% but we gave him double. We got votes from Uromi and I know if you calculate the votes they cancelled, more than 150,000 votes and if you add them to what we scored, we would have beaten PDP in Edo State.”
Oshiomhole added that,“In Uromi land, power has changed. People who used to carry police to arrest us, we will now be the one arresting them. Before, the police was afraid of them but not anymore because the Commander-in-Chief is now General Muhammadu Buhari of APC. Power has changed. When an Iroko falls, any small bird would fly over it.


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