Delta Labour Party to use 3,500 CCTV camera to monitor elections

Report made it known thatthe Delta state chapter of the Labour Party (LP) has purchased CCTV cameras ahead of the governorship and the State House of Assembly election which is due to hold on Saturday 11 April, 2015.

The Diaspora Deltans for Ogboru (DDO) in partnership with The Campaign Against Political Correctness (CAPC) a Non-Governmental Organization purchased 3,500 sets of Mini CCTV cameras from Henry’s Electronics Limited to be installed at various polling units in Delta State to help fight against electoral fraud.

In a statement sent to Newsmen via email, the flag bearer of the Labour Party, Great Ovedje Ogboru was briefed on the partnership of DDO and John Midley, Director of Campaign Against Political Correctness, during his visit February 2015, aimed to ensure that the Delta state governorship election is free and fair.

CAPC funded the purchase of various types of IP cameras, which include sets of CMOS colour Camera (Model LE-19), Bullet Camera (Model : TED-NT-36M70-I53), Dome Camera (Model : TED-NT-70D-I50), COLOUR MINI CCTV CAMERAS (All 12V DC), COLOUR BODY CCTV CAMERAS (All 12v DC), OUTDOOR IR CAMERAS (All 12V DC), IP Network CCTV CAMERAS (All ONVIP) & ACCESSORIES.

Ogboru who previously contested the governorship election three times alleged that there are ‘ghost’ votes from the riverine areas of the state which the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) have always used to rig election in their favour but with the cameras being mounted in hidden positions of each of the polling units, will help counter and check this electoral fraud.

The cameras were mounted by Datapoint Microsystems Limited at various polling stations across the state after the March 28 presidential elections, which are being monitored from various secret situation rooms in the heart of Warri and in various local government areas of Delta state.

The cameras he posited will help counter ghost votes and the malpractice which the PDP have always used to rig election.


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