Lola Okoye Clarifies To Marriage Trouble Rumours


“Keep Calm And Laugh Like Crazy”

“hahahahaa…..joke’s on you! Enemies of progress….you wish!

Are you wondering on the state of Peter and Lola Okoye’s marriage after their eye brow raising Instagram posts?

Well, you need to wonder no more as Lola has commented on those who think there is trouble in paradise in her marriage.

In a post made today (April 10) on her Instagram account she put up a picture with the text ‘Keep Calm And Laugh Like Crazy’. The caption underneath the picture read “hahahahaa…..joke’s on you! Enemies of progress….you wish! #tongueout #enemysolo #solidasarock!”

It seems it was a prank all along by the Okoye’s to get people talking.


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