Veteran Actress Rachael Oniga Would Return To Movie Sets After The Elections

The Popular Nollywood actress, Rachael Oniga, has declared that she would return to movie sets after the elections and political campaigns.

In a report , the actress disclosed that she had put a hold on her acting career to concentrate on politics.
“It isn’t new, I’ve been into politics for some time now. For now, it’s politics. After that, I’ll go back to my job full time. That is not to say I haven’t been working. I’ve been going in and out of locations too.” she stated.

Currently the Face of Jimi Agbaje’s campaign, the actress stated that though she isn’t running for any elective office, she would not reject political appointment or offers.

“If a political appointment comes, fine. But that’s not the reason why I’m into it. I have my name to protect and I feel that this is the time for me to come out and do something. I do a lot on set and if I can come out and do the real thing, there’s nothing wrong with that,” she disclosed.


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