Igbo Traders and Cemetery Workers Clash At Ladipo

Report revealed that there was a bloody clash between Igbo traders and cemetery workers early today at Ladipo Market in Mushin, Lagos, western Nigeria, after the cemetery attendants formed a parallel executive and took over the leadership of the market newsmen gathered that many traders were wounded following the clash during which guns, machetes and axes were freely used before the police later brought the situation under control.

When newsmen visited the market on Friday morning, the whole area was rowdy and some traders shut their shops and left the market.

Some police officers were deployed at strategic locations in the market to prevent further fracas.

It was not the first time the groups were fighting at the market. Last month, there was fighting and eight workers were arrested and charged before Ebutt Metta Magistrates’ court for causing mayhem in the market dominated by Igbo auto spare parts traders.

On Tuesday this week another fight broke out which left some traders injured before Thursday’s fighting which spilled over to today.

The fighting which paralysed commercial activities in the market was between the leadership of the market’s central body called Ladipo Auto Central Executive, LACEC and cemetery attendants led by Monday Lawrence.

Trouble started when some cemetery workers stormed the market with the aid of some military officers.

The workers started moving round the market and ringing bell to announce that the executive of the market has been dissolved and they were now in charge of the market.

When LACEC task force members attempted to stop them, fighting broke out.

Last month, they printed receipts and started collecting tolls from the traders which also resulted in fracas.

Eight members of the group were arrested by the police and charged before Ebutte Metta Magistrate’s court for the offence.

They were granted bail and are still facing trial for assaulting one of the task force members, Ndubusi Eme during the fracas.

Confirming the development, the president of LACEC, Comrade Kinsley Ogunor said the cemetery workers have been terrorising the traders, insisting that they must control the affairs of the market.



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