Nigerian man stabs fiancée to death in Texas

It was gathered last Wednesday that, Osa Alohaneke, a Nigerian resident in Texas, murdered his estranged fiancée, Evelyne Ebane Epiepang.
Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office said in a statement that 56-year-old Osa Alohaneke had been charged with murder. He was being held without bond at the county jail. Deputies arrived at the Mission Bend home Wednesday night and discovered 52-year-old Epiepang dead inside. Her sister was taken to a hospital for treatment from injuries that were not life threatening. Deputies earlier in the day had received a call from the woman but when they arrived, Alohaneke had left.
Alohaneke is currently housed by the county jail . County Court Clerk, Ms. Courtney Henshaw confirmed that “Mr. Alohaneke is in custody, charged with the murder of his fiancée, Ms. Epiepang. He is expected to see a judge between two and six weeks. Until then, there is nothing else to share with you, Mr. Jebose. If you need additional information, please contact the Fort Bend County Court house.”
The motive of Alohaneke’s deadly rage seems as confusing as his detention, charge and custody. Other reports indicated that he is being held by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, while another report confirmed he is in custody of the Fort Bend County Sherriff department. Ms. Courtney attempted a clarification thus, “If he is not a citizen of United States with alleged murder crime, then you should understand why it’s appropriate for ICE to be involved. But I can tell you from our records that he is in detention. Mr. Jebose, once again, I refer you to the Court House for schedules of his court appearance and any other information that would help you.”
An enquiry at the county court house with regards to court schedules, appearances and charges of Mr. Alohaneke could not be found, even though the Sherriff stated that he had been charged with murder. Ms. Jamie Garza, county court clerk told JB, Tuesday evening during a telephone conversation that “he is not yet in the system, I can’t tell you anything because I do not have any information of him in the system.”
The motives of Alohaneke’s crime are still sketchy as friends of the couple are shocked and in disbelief. Family members and friends are in awe of the violent butcher of a dear friend by a man she loved through the years. The only person with reasons for the gruesome end to her life is Alohaneke who is sitting in the county jail, waiting first court date within the next six weeks.
Close family source stated that Alohaneke arrived earlier in their residence angered by a misunderstanding between the couple. He initially walked away and returned later in the day. He went to the kitchen, seized a knife and attacked his fiancée and her sister who was also in the house. He allegedly began to slice the body of his fiancée, chasing the sister around the living room, catching up with her and also cutting her severely. Alohaneke inflicted fatal stabs on Evelyne. After his horrific butchering, he called the police, allegedly informing them that he had stabbed his fiancee to death. The police responded to his emergency call. They pulled in front of the Mission Bend area home of the couple, found him standing outside, soaked in the blood of the victims: Evelyne was pronounced dead at the scene while her sister was rushed to the hospital.
Late this week, authorities released more details in what they say was the apparent stabbing to death of a 52-year-old woman whose fiancé was found nearby splashed with blood Wednesday night at a home in Fort Bend County. Osa Alohaneke, 56, faces a murder charge in the woman’s death at about 7 p.m. in the 16300 block of Alametos Drive in the Mission Bend area, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said they found the female victim, identified Thursday as Evelyne Ebane Epiepang, dead inside the house and her sister injured. Alohaneke was standing nearby with blood on his clothes, according to a news release. He told investigators that Epiepang was his fiancée and they lived in the house. Another man, a family friend, at the home was not hurt. Epiepang’s sister was taken to Memorial-Hermann Hospital-Katy. She had a puncture wound in her shoulder and a broken arm. Details of her condition were not released, but deputies said her injuries were not-life-threatening. Deputies said they were first dispatched about 5 pm on a domestic violence emergency call from Epiepang. When deputies arrived at the house, Alohaneke had already left. About two hours later, Alohaneke reportedly returned to the home and banged on the front door, but the two women were not home. A man in the house phoned the victim, and she and her sister returned. Deputies say the alleged fatal attack occurred after their return.”
Meanwhile, friends of the Cameroonian native, Epiepang, are using the social media such as facebook and tweeter, to remember a great friend brutally murdered. One of her friends, Ola Bakare remembered her late friend thus, ‘Evelyn is hardworking, nice, compassionate and caring nurse. She is full of life and laughter. May her soul rest in perfect peace and God forgive her sins.’



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