86-year-old nun ‘gang-raped’ and murdered in her bedroom in South Africa

Gertrud Tiefenbacher, a 86-year-old nun was brutally gang-raped and murdered in her bedroom in South Africa.
An Austrian immigrant, the elderly woman had her hands tied with a typewriter cord and her face covered with a towel, newsmen reports with reference to the police.
Another nun discovered the victim’s body in Ixopo, the town located 85 miles south-west of Durban.
While the results of forensic tests are yet expected, it has been alleged that the woman had been suffocated. A small amount of money was reportedly stolen from the room.
Her friend Betty Firmstone told  newsmen in south africa
“I met Sister in 1952 when I started teaching at a school attached to the mission. We worked very closely together. She loved her work with children
“This really was an act of savagery against a gentle, caring soul.”
Sister Gerald, who lives at the mission, said Sister Gertrud had dedicated her life to helping impoverished children and adolescents.
“She had a very kind heart and was loved by everyone.”
Major Thulani Zwane, police spokesman, said there were no signs of forced entry into the room adding that the number of assaulters was “unclear”.



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