Boko Haram invades Niger military base, murder several soldiers

Report revealed that Boko Haram members invaded a military camp in Bosso through a riverside community in the early hours of Sunday.
It was stated that the insurgents stormed the camps from different directions and killed some of the soldiers and injured many.
The source said the Nigeriens suffered a heavy casualty because the soldiers were not on the alert.
They were said to have relaxed because of the feeling that the Boko Haram members had either been wiped out or weakened.
The source said, “Boko Haram attacked a military camp in Dosso, a border community in Niger. They came into the cam from several directions.
“The insurgents sneaked into the military camp when the soldiers were relaxed; they were not expecting the attack. I think that explains why several of them were killed.
“We can’t give the exact number but the government of Niger is calling a National Security meeting which means that those killed were many.”
The Ministry of Defence of Niger was reported to have confirmed the unfortunate incident



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