Bomb blast hits Kogi radio station, 4 dead, many critically injured

Report revealed that a bomb blast from suspected improvised explosives, Monday, killed many at Ta’o FM Radio station, located in Kuroko town of Adavi local government area of Kogi state. No fewer than four people were confirmed dead while many others were critically injured The radio station, which broadcasts mostly in Ebira language, is known for its radical stance on political analysis of the people of Ebira land. The blast, according to witnesses, occurred at about 7pm after sporadic gunshots that lasted for about 10 minutes were heard by residents. “The attack on Ta’o FM started at about 7PM when we began to hear series of gun shots and everyone began to scamper to safety before the blast went off. After the explosion everything became quiet. It was later that we heard that four persons within the FM station got killed and several others were injured. I saw many injured people being helped to the hospital by volunteers, most of them were soaked with blood”, said Medinatu Ajayi, a resident of Kuroko. The incident is the first of such bombing in that part of Kogi state.


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