Fuel scarcity bites harder in Lagos as petrol sells N300 per litre

It’s indeed difficult times for residents of Lagos as fuel now sells as high as N300 per litre in some areas. Following the refusal by oil marketers to import fuel into Nigeria, petrol station owners seems to be cashing in on the situation on ground with petrol selling for as high as N300 per litre in Ejigbo area of Lagos state.

It was also gathered that black market fuel sold as high as N10,000 for 25 Litres on Lagos Island. In some filling stations in Surulere, fuel was not sold, but black market business boomed as 5 litres kegs sold for N1,400 At other filling stations petrol sold for N200 and N150 respectively. With long queues at the few petrol stations opened consumers were ready to buy fuel at any amount available to them.

“This is really ridiculous. How can we celebrate May Day without electricity and petrol. I cannot enjoy the day with my family because there is no power. The federal government should settle with the oil marketers before things go out of hand,” a consumer, Adekunle Adewale Lamented.

Another aggrieved buyer blamed the scarcity on the federal government, stating that, it was a calculated attempt to frustrate the incoming government. “The federal government is doing this on purpose. They should have paid the oil marketers before now. They left our refineries in tatters and we are left at the mercy of this so-called marketers



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